Linda’s practice has mostly concentrated around subjects related to landscape and place for the past 20 years or so. Living so close to the coast, and a SSSI reserve in Lincolnshire has been a constant source of interest and a wonderful site for walking, watching and learning.
Most recently she has become particularly interested in botany – the plants that surround us on our walks and routes and which are often considered ‘weeds’ or overlooked, despite a rich folk and/or herbal history.
This interest has extended to the undertaking of a 3-year project working with the RSPB on a meadow which they are developing in an ex-arable-farm field, and taking on 2 allotments to increase her own attempt to live sustainably, develop wildlife habitat, keep learning – and develop her practice.

Recent Collaborative Projects

Far & Near (expressions of continual bonds to absent othershttps://www.farandnearproject.com/) is a collaboration with composer David Power on a participatory project responding to the national phenomena of informal memorials and memorial benches. Awarded funds from the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts programme, Far & Near was launched as part of Neverends: image, music, text exhibition (April – June 2017) alongside commissioned work by Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo, paintings by David Ainley, and work from the Arts Council Collection by Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Andy Goldsworthy, Martin Parr, Jane Harris, Birgit Skiold and Brian Alterio. The project continues throughout 2017 and 2018.

L&D Faded Memories DP Blur square_print

For the 2014 Abbey Walk Gallery Shifting Subjects: contemporary women telling the self through portraiture commission, Ingham worked with women both physically and remotely to create an installation entitled Mother & Child, using contributed images from friends and archive transcriptions from the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project. This led to an invitation to give a talk at the British Library where the oral history archive is held, and is featured in the Shifting Subjects documentary film on display in Lincoln’s Usher Gallery along with work by the three other artists involved in the Shifting Subjects project, Sarah Lucas, Wendy Elia and Margaret Ashman (http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/interview-with-artist-linda-ingham-shifting-subjects-at-abbey-walk-gallery/)

Mother and Child Montage 1 LOW res

Ingham exhibits internationally with her work touring museums in China 2017 as part of the Priseman Seabrook Collection Contemporary Masters from Britain exhibition (http://www.priseman-seabrook.org/collections/20th-21st-century-british-works-on-paper/) and has work included in many collections: the University of Arizona Museum of Art, the Maddison Museum of Fine Art and Komechak Art Gallery, Chicago; Jiangsu Arts and Craft Museum, China; The East Contemporary Art Collection, UCS, Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, Lincoln Usher Gallery, North East Lincolnshire Museum Collection, the Franklin Collection and the British Hear Foundation Collection, UK

As a member of the Contemporary British Painting group curated by Robert Priseman, Ingham’s work may also be found on the online platform (http://www.contemporarybritishpainting.com/wordpress/?page_id=2627)

Having originally studied the European Humanities, Ingham achieved her MA Fine Art at Lincoln University School of Art, Architecture & Design in 2007, and has since been managing her studio practice alongside a successful teaching and curatorial career. She is exhibitions officer-curator at Gallery Steel Rooms, North Lincolnshire.

Linda Ingham - Eulogy, LOW RES Image 1, Memory Films and memory Scrolls in Recycled Glass Reliquary, 2013 - 2014


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