2015                   The Aesthetica Art prize Anthology: Future Now

2015                   The Brentwood Stations of the Cross – Catalogue, Simon Carter

2014                   The Priseman-Seabrooke Collection of Contemporary British Painting – Catalogue

2014                   @PaintBritain, Contemporary British Painting – Catalogue, Simon Carter

2014                   EASTERLIES – Catalogue for Abbey Walk Gallery

2014                   Excavations & Estuaries: Behind Land – Catalogue with Ian McMillan, Harriet Tarlo, Judith Tucker, George Rowlett

2012                   A-N – Interview with James Smith

The Art of England – review, May issue

20I0                    Sketch Drawing Prize 20II – Exhibition Catalogue – Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire

20I0                    The Nature of Landscape: Visions & Distillations of Landscape & Place – Art Abbey Books

20I0                    Found on FB – Exhibition Catalogue – Arthur M Berger Gallery, Manhattanville College, New York, USA

2007                   Past Forward, Exhibition Catalogue – Gate Gallery, Grimsby

I999                    Ian Macmillan’s Jazz Poetry Diary – NELC publications

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