Process and Material

Process and materials in Ingham’s work are used as a metaphor for time. Passed; Past; Passage.  Linda ingham - E & E studies - 'Touching Edges'

Process: Variations of recording and cataloguing are used alongside layers of technique and process appropriate to the work in hand. Hand-made gesso, building up painstaking layers of jet, stitch obliterated by paint and mindful acts of meditation throughout sections of making work, are techniques utilized and built upon.

Materials: Jet gathered from the beach close by Ingham’s home, is often used to make marks along with silverpoint, oil paint and other media in her drawn and painted constructions, including self-portrait pieces. The combination of linen and stitch with oil paints is also often used for the circularity (linen and linseed oil from the same plant) combining traditional materials with new methodologies, that will change and erode with time.

Found Objects: Folk art such as post cards, and objects gathered from the beach are combined within bodies of work, often modified using the above materials and techniques, catalogues and recorded.

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