The Nature of Landscape

August 2018

Since September 2017, Gallery Steel Rooms, Brigg is now where Linda bases her curatorial activities. The Nature of Landscape project/genre, informs the gallery programme. Go to to find out more.

The Nature of Landscape is an on-going series of projects curated by Linda Ingham, which acts as a platform for artists, writers and academics whose primary interests are in subjects connected to landscape and place, to exhibit or disseminate their work.

E&E 2014 A5 PostCard_210x148 (1) FINAL jpeg

Artists, writers and academics who have since 2008 been involved in the project are:

Harriet Tarlo & Judith Tucker, George Rowlett, Susan Derges, Joy Sleeman, David Walker Barker, David Ainley, Richard Kenton Webb, Annabel McCourt, David Power and Jeremy Leigh.

The Excavations & Estuaries: Behind Land Catalogue introduced by Ian McMillan and including images by George Rowlett & Judith Tucker and Poetry by Harriet Tarlo, along with texts, is available from £15

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